Black Cloth Face Mask
Black Cloth Face Mask
Black Cloth Face Mask

Black Cloth Face Mask

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Because the CDC recommends everyone wear cloth masks in public, Tracy Nicole has developed the perfect reusable mask for essential runs!

These masks are versatile, comfortable, and washable, so they can help keep you safe and healthy in the best possible way. Wear them on your face, covering your nose and your mouth when going outside for essential tasks, and when you're not using it, pull it down around your neck, or up like a headband. This product has been thoughtfully designed to last and be useful, even after this pandemic subsides. 

And the best part about these masks is, that for every mask you purchase, we will donate 2 to people in need!

We are in this together...Stay safe and stay blessed!

***This is not a medical grade mask***

Each mask is double layered to allow for a filter or to place on top of a medical mask, and can be worn with or without the filter. Filters are not included.

This mask is to protect you on daily essential runs.  It also serves as a reminder not to touch your face.